There are many reasons for a cluttered home; lack of time, knowledge or motivation to tidy, home working, children, pets, mental health issues, bereavement, inheritance, physical and mobility issues, processing issues, caring duties, the list goes on.

Many of these are stressful in themselves, and living with clutter only adds to this. It makes it hard to relax and can be a source of anxiety and depression in itself. It represents unfinished work and this visible pressure can gradually cause guilt, frustration and resentment. Housework can also be a major source of argument.

Clutter can make a real mess of things!

This is where we step in

During the de-cluttering process we’ll address each item in your space together. We might discuss a how a certain piece makes you feel, then you’ll decide that you are happy to let an item go, want to keep it or maybe set it aside for a few months to see if you use it.

Maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know was there. By going through everything and identifying objects and mementoes that truly mean something or hold importance for you, you’ll gradually learn to recognise others you’re willing to let go.

You always make the final decision about what to let go or keep, whether it’s functional, practical or something you truly enjoy.

Your home will look different when seen through a fresh pair of eyes. This can be a scary thought, but Professional organisers have no negative associations with your space, no baggage and no judgements. We have no set amount in mind to keep or discard.

All of this means we are objective, and can focus on the solutions needed to clear and organise your space. For us, this is an exciting time! There are so many possibilities, including the potential for positive change.

We’re there to lighten your load

With some guidance you can reclaim your space. Then you can display your treasures beautifully and really give them a chance to shine. Feel the weight off your shoulders and let your achievement and happiness fill the space.

What happens during a session?

First we’ll do a brief tour of the space we’ll be working on, virtually or in person. It’s useful to get an overall view of your home if possible. Sometimes objects may actually work best in other places or rooms; knowing where there’s some space available can help us plan where to put things. Then we’ll talk about how to declutter, and choose a place to start.

At this point, it’s a good idea to take ‘before’ photos. Even if you’re not happy with the space or are embarrassed, they provide a useful benchmark so we can appreciate the changes after our hard work.

It’s surprisingly easy to forget how things were! Often people see the wonderful results at the end and wish they had comparison pictures.

If we are conducting a virtual session, you’ll need to take these photos yourself, and I may ask if you’re happy to share them with me once we’re finished. In person, photography only happens with your permission and you’re free to refuse.

In either instance, if you do consent, we’ll discuss whether we’ll share the pictures only with you, if we can post them on our website, post them on social sites, or if we should delete them.

When working together in your home, once the process is complete, we’ll usually tidy things away and put finishing touches to the new space. We’ll do this roughly 30 minutes before the end of a session. If we’re in the middle of a longer project and you’d prefer to continue with things or tidy up yourself then we’ll keep decluttering until the end.