N, Single Session, 2019

During this Organising session I was N helping to organise part of her kitchen in a 3 bed house. Because this was mostly an organising session, I was able to work on my own while N tended to other things around the house.

I focussed on the drawers and a few of the cupboards where baking, craft, and miscellaneous household stuff was kept.
There was some storage in place already but more containers were needed to house things in an ordered, easy to use way. I used some cardboard boxes left over from Christmas to make suitable, free storage and get things organised.

This drawer was in good order, but there were some things out of place and kids’ cutlery needed to be separated from the adults’.

Now, it’s clear where things go. This was a quick job, so if you don’t have much time and want to make an impact, this is a cutlery drawer is good place to start.

Next was this general drawer below, which holds a variety of household things. It’s hard to organise this kind of space because there are so many different items that need to be contained.

Before / During

First I took everything out and put anything that didn’t belong or need to be in the drawer back where it should go, to make way for things that are used on a daily basis.

To make the space function well, it’s best have individual zones for each type of object, so it’s clear where to put them after use. Using empty containers N had already, I created sections in the drawer for each type; tape, clips, pens, batteries, kitchen wraps and so on.

Next we tackled these cupboards below, where you can see the results of organisation.

Again these cupboards house lots of different things; medicines, sun cream, piggy banks, treats, craft materials, bakeware, and gardening gloves, so it was important to separate everything out and label it clearly. Everything is organised, easy to get to and clear.

This even made extra space for the cake tins at the top (which were cluttering up another cupboard) and put vases on top of the units on display. Again this freed up much needed space elsewhere.

If she wants to, N can find prettier labels and more minimalist storage later so things are more hidden away, it’s a simply matter of preference. My focus during this session was to get things organised so the space would work well for the family.


We started with medicines together, pulling everything out and found that the kids’ and adults’ medicines were mixed up. This made it hard to quickly find what was needed, so the first thing was to divide them up. We set aside any that were out of date or no longer needed for disposal, I allocated one basket for kids and one for adults, and filled and labelled them.

I then repeated this for baking supplies, household things and gardening bits and bobs. Again, I used some spare cardboard boxes to store things which separated them out and made them easy to find.

I do enjoy a spot of organising, as it’s so satisfying at the end when things are easy to find and just feel less stressful. I love helping clients to enjoy their things and get on with their lives in a calmer way.

Here’s what N had to say in her review!

“Leahna organised my kitchen for me. As a full time working mum of three it is very hard to keep the house organised. I was really impressed with the way she organised my chaotic cupboards into easy to use sections. I particularly liked the way she recycled boxes and other items to do this rather than asking me to buy new storage boxes. I am pleased to report that several weeks later the new system is still in place! We can now find things we need much quicker and easier.”