R, Session 1, London, July 2019

I came to this 2 bed flat in East London to help declutter and organise the kitchen, pantry and spare/dining room. There was some organisation in place already and some good storage solutions, but we needed to declutter and arrange things better according to use. For our first session we focussed on the kitchen, pantry and folding table.

We tackled each category starting with things that could be stored somewhere else, then appliances, cookware, pet and cleaning supplies, and finally food. The pantry overflowed before, but after we decluttered there was enough space to have everything visible and accessible.

First we moved some vases from the windowsill to form a display in the hall, and cleaning supplies were given a place in a cupboard. This made room for the plants from the folding table and freed up counter space.

During the process things can get really messy! We took out all the pots and pans to work out what R actually uses and where things should be stored.

Before there was no space for cereals in the cupboard so they blocked worktop space and made the room feel cluttered. Now there’s extra work surface for food prep and it’s easy to reach the chopping boards.

This cupboard was deceptive, there were bits and pieces hidden round the corner, some of it useful and forgotten about! We emptied it and used some jars we came across to store the tea. Oils are now kept near the hob so it’s easy to reach when cooking.

Due to the re-organisation of the kitchen, this table was cleared completely, leaving a great place to sit and eat or write, and when it’s not in use it’s folded away onto the wall, where it’s used as a handy picture frame.

Please read part two to follow our progress through the spare/dining room.