N, Hull, March 2019

N: “I would highly recommend Save Your Space to help you declutter your home (and your mind). I had already made a start with tidying, however I was finding that it was all piling back up again. Leahna came to help reorganise my space and help me think about what I really need and use.”

I came to this 3 bed semi detached house in Hull to sort out a few keys areas, and hopefully help NW to enjoy using the space again. We focussed on the kitchen, spare room and main bedroom.

We started with a crowded kitchen cupboard. By decluttering unused items and re-organising the space, we made the cupboard easy to use and created a display of beautiful glassware.

N: “I was so impressed, as it can be difficult to think about letting someone else sort through your personal belongings, however she showed great care and professionalism. She concentrated on my priorities and as we went along, asked my opinions and gently persuaded and encouraged me.”

We decluttered the cupboard under the kitchen sink, returned products to the car, and organised cleaning supplies. This made room for animal grooming products (the purple bucket). This meant everything was more accessible and there was now much needed space available in a nearby storage cupboard.

Next we looked upstairs to the main bedroom. By moving a chair and then the dog bed we made space by the crowded doorway. Decluttering meant that craft supplies that were stored in different rooms can sit together under the bed. The bedside table now only holds what’s needed, and the dressing table has been moved from the corner to an easier to reach location by the bed.

N: “My bedroom has been transformed, I can walk into it without squeezing past my furniture, I can open drawers and see all the contents. It’s made a big difference straight away, as I can find things quickly and keep everything tidy much more easily.”

Previously crowded with photos and trinkets, the dressing table can now be used to display perfume bottles. Old toiletries were removed and everything is within easy reach. Once this was organised, I created a windowsill display from the photos and objects.

Our next challenge was the spare room. It’s easy to leave something there to be dealt with, then another and another. Soon there’s a pile, things all belong in different places and it feels like a mess.

Before, there were several objects that lay unused or weren’t where they belonged, but after decluttering and re-organising the sofa bed can be functional and pretty cushions hidden by clutter can now be seen. There’s space to store things under the sofa, and the drawer unit was reorganised to house stationery that we found with the main bedroom craft materials. We also made a feature of NW’s blanket collection and retrieved a lamp from the main bedroom to find a use in the spare room office space.

N: “The spare room is a guest room again and not a dumping ground! I look round and am not stressed by the sight of clutter, instead it feels peaceful and relaxing, I can now admire the pretty displays of my things and most importantly use my space! Thank you so much for your help.”