E, London, June 2019

E: “I got in touch with Leahna because I have a very busy life and I felt like every time I tidied, it took no time at all for my space to become disorganised! This meant that I was forever losing things like my keys and wasting so much time hunting for them! I asked Leahna to help me to organise my kitchen because I love to cook but often found myself having to pull everything out of the cupboard to find one particular spice so I hoped she could help me to get my space more organised!”

So, in this one bed flat in East London my mission was to declutter and organise a good sized kitchen. Crockery, glassware and baking ingredients were already sorted neatly, leaving four cupboards and a drawer. The space is used for various things, including animal supplies and work materials.
Originally there were small appliances and boxes on top of kitchen units, it was tricky to get to equipment that’s used regularly and foodstuffs were difficult to see and reach. As well as re-organising the cupboards and storing excess pieces, I needed to fit a new bread maker into the space.

I kept stacking to a minimum here as EP uses pots, pans and trays daily. There was a good amount of space at the back, where I put appliances and glassware that aren’t used often. This freed up space on top of the units while keeping items accessible.

This was a hold-all for work materials, food, electronics, animal supplies and general ‘stuff’. EP refused to show me it until others were complete! I had a look and it’s just as well, as there was food that needed to be sorted with the rest. It became the key to making the kitchen work. We emptied the food from cupboards onto the table, then sorted it into groups.

As you can see we used boxes to make the contents easily accessible. You just pull out the box, and can see all of the tea at once. This helps to stop you buying duplicates, as you can see what you already have. The boxes don’t have to be a permanent solution, (there are prettier ones out there) but they’re practical, show what storage can do for you, and what size you need if you want to invest in alternatives. Some food came from another separate cupboard; moving it here then made space elsewhere for the bread maker.

It’s hard to reach a top shelf, so it helps to store large packets there. You can reach them easily and nothing is pushed to the back or lost.
The client’s IKEA shelf divider doubles the space available to work with; it’s a good fix when you can’t alter shelf height in rented accommodation.

There were lots of spices, and a useful basket to keep them in, but after gathering spices together we could see that another two are needed. Buying storage should be the last step of organising, so you know exactly what you need and why. It can be a reward for a job well done! We then tackled the bottom section, gathered electronics together for future sorting and returned miscellaneous items to their places.

E: “Leahna was amazing! I was slightly worried that she would be ruthless and want me to get rid of things that I wanted to keep but this wasn’t the case at all. She asked loads of questions and helped me to organise my kitchen in a way that suited me and my lifestyle. She is a genius – she has so many hacks for storing things to save space and making things easily accessible. I found our session even more helpful than I expected.”

By the end we cleared the tops of the units completely, freed up worktop space and organised the food so everything is visible and reachable. We made space for the bread maker and there’s now a drawer dedicated to food storage containers. We even created a dedicated place for party supplies, which were scattered through the kitchen before. Now when it’s time to entertain, EP will know exactly where to find supplies!

E: “The best outcome has been the time I now save as I know where everything is kept and it’s more accessible so that I can find it easily! Also, the space is less cluttered which instantly makes me feel relaxed when I go into the room! Thank you so much Leahna! Highly recommended!”