When everything has a place, you save time and energy every day. No more frantic searching for lost keys, or digging through your floordrobe to find that special top you want to wear; you’ll know exactly where to find it.

Organising happens after decluttering, or when you’re happy with the possessions you have. We’ll then focus on sorting through your things and organising your home, transforming it into a beautiful, personal and functional space that you can be really happy with.

We can create organisational systems for clothing, paperwork, laundry, recycling and so on. By giving each area in your home a defined purpose and assigning a place for everything, we’ll make it easier for you to keep things tidy. I’ll give you tips on how to keep areas clutter free, and ways to arrange your treasures so they appear at their very best.

I have specific experience as a creative freelancer and have set up home offices/studios in a variety of different spaces. I know how difficult it can be to contain art, craft, design and hobby related materials, but there is always a solution!

There can be awkwardly shaped objects and materials that should be stored in a specific way, like brushes and paints. Making room for displays such as mood boards or a dedicated cutting area can present a challenge when space is tight, but I’m here to help!

I am also an avid board gamer, and know the difficulties involved when storing pieces and games collections in a limited space. Putting a system in place makes it a joy to pull a game off the shelf and open the box to play, knowing that you won’t be wasting time by sorting out cards yet again or finding components. I can help you declutter, source storage for and organise your collection so that you can focus purely on winning strategies and having fun.

When working together in your home, about 30 minutes before the end of a session we’ll start to clear up. This usually involves putting things in their proper places and disposing of waste and recycling. If we’re in the middle of a larger sorting task and you wish to continue with it or we have another session booked, we can neatly organise objects and papers into piles or into boxes and bags. This allows you to use your space while making it easier to start your next tidying session.

As part of the end-of-session clear up I can help with wiping down surfaces and a quick hoover, and then if you’re happy I can take some ‘After’ photos so we can see what we have achieved!