Privacy and Confidentiality

At Save Your Space we take Privacy and Confidentiality extremely seriously. We comply with the Data Protection Act, are registered with the ICO and abide by APDO’s code of ethics.

Please let us know if your contact details change, so we can update it for our records and make sure that we contact you correctly.

Decluttering and Organising can be a highly personal business, and it’s understandable to expect total confidentiality. My previous work as a doctor involved a high level of professionalism, trust and confidentiality, so keeping information private is routine for me.

There is an important exception to this, that regards my personal safety. As part of lone worker safeguarding, I am permitted to disclose client details to a family member or close friend. These may include details such as my whereabouts, your details, the length of our session and the details of others who will be present.

I’ll abide by your wishes in terms of what you want me to say to others about my presence, unless it may threaten my wellbeing. If we meet in the street I won’t say hello unless you want me to. This happened with before, and there’s no awkwardness as it’s simply a matter of confidentiality. If someone comes to the door while we’re working and you don’t want to say I’m an Organiser, it makes sense to have an explanation ready (and let me know what you’d like me to say if someone asks).

Whatever you decide, it doesn’t need to be fixed; as we continue through sessions you may wish to let people know that an organiser is helping you, and I will gladly follow your lead.

One group of people it’s sensible to tell about the reason for my visit are the people you live with. This should involve a conversation between you and your partner, family members or flatmates to explain that you’d like to bring someone in to help you declutter, organise or decorate. This way there shouldn’t be problems with my being there and they may be willing to participate or help.

It helps to explain we won’t be sorting their things (unless know what we’re doing and work with me). Perhaps mention this is something you want to do for yourself and they don’t need to be involved.

Data Privacy
This privacy policy is for Save Your Space.
So that I can provide an organising service for you, we need to collect certain data, including but not limited to; name, address and phone number. It is useful to know about your home, belongings and goals for our decluttering sessions before my visit and I may collect this information via an email questionnaire, in person or over the phone. I may also take notes during sessions. I may (with your permission) take photos and share them online or in promotional materials. You may write a testimonial to describe your experience of my services, and again this may be shared, subject to your permission. Information is kept private and stored securely until it’s no longer required or its deletion is requested. We don’t sell or rent out lists of data to third parties.

We may wish to contact you regarding future sessions, company promotions, or to get in touch to see how you’re doing since our session and if you may need further assistance. I will need your permission for this. You may withhold your consent for the use of your data for marketing purposes at any time; please do this by contacting us through this website, by email, phone or social media.

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