Once the hard work of decluttering and organising has been done, you may require some storage to keep your belongings in order and display them at their best. If this is the case, I can help to source this for you. Often though, people find that once they have gone through everything they actually have more storage than they need!

I would advise you not to buy things in advance, but to wait until you’ve lived in your new space for a while and are happy with arrangements. Occasionally it becomes obvious that a certain container or piece of furniture would make life easier, such as a magazine file for papers or a cabinet or rack for shoes. In these cases it makes sense to invest, but I would still advise leaving some time to work out how you use your home now that things have changed. You may also be inspired to do more decluttering once you see the difference it can make, so you may need less than you think!

While decluttering my own home, as well as smaller things like magazine files, I no longer needed some items of furniture including a large, (now mostly empty) tv unit and an extra bookcase. I sold some possessions and used the money to buy smaller replacement pieces, or alternative pieces that housed my possessions more appropriately. This rearranging, selling and buying process gave me some space back in my home and let my existing furniture fulfil its potential. I’m happy to help you with this stage by suggesting ways to use existing pieces best and fill any storage needs you now have.

As discussed in the Home Staging section, if you would like me to source Christmas decorations and trimmings for you before decorating and wrapping I would be happy to do so.