Home Staging

There are special instances when we want to present our homes at their best. This may include when we’re trying to sell a house, when there are people coming to stay, or when hosting a work or social event at home.

Staging for Selling

If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s good to have it looking at its best. Viewers are more selective now and tend to respond better when a home is tidy, organised and free of clutter. It’s easier to imagine being happy in a calm, spacious environment and some people can’t imagine themselves living in a place when what they are mostly seeing is someone else’s stuff.

When your home is organised and looks great, you’re telling buyers that you have things under control and are ready to proceed. Suitable preparation may make a difference to the number of offers you receive, offer amounts and can even affect the speed of a sale.

The staging process may actually include decluttering, sorting and organising, as well as finding ways to store items temporarily before the move and presenting your home for sale. Going through belongings at an early stage helps you to start your emotional move and avoids a panicked packing session just before moving day!


Does the idea of wrapping presents and untangling all those tree lights make you stressed? It can be a hard time of year for many, with the pressure of relatives coming to visit, Seasonal Affective Disorder or being busy with work, preparations and parties.

Please get in touch to see if we can come and help to make Christmas feel less like a chore, and more like a holiday.

Decorating, Sourcing and Wrapping

If you haven’t decorated for Christmas before, have a few broken ornaments that need replaced, wish to add to your collection or would like to update your style, we can help to source decorations for you. Alternatively, if you’re already happy with the ornaments you have, we can come in to decorate your rooms and tree.

We can source wrapping materials for your gifts if needed and parcel them up for you so that you can simply soak in the festive mood and feel ready to celebrate Christmas.