Unpacking Service

Moving house can be very stressful. There are a million things to sort out on top of your everyday routine. To help with this, we offer a package for people moving house, our Declutter, Unpack and Organise Service, that is a bundle of 12 hours at a reduced price.

First we include decluttering sessions to help streamline your possessions and decrease the sheer volume you need to pack up before the move. If you focus on how you want your new home to be going forward, this can be a very good time to declutter. It can also be a good way to say goodbye to your old house, and prepare to make a new start.

Once the move is complete, you may feel relieved because you’ve made it into your new home and your belongings are all there in their boxes, but you are exhausted!

You want to unpack and have all your usual home comforts at your fingertips, but don’t seem to have the time or energy to start. We can help. Once your furniture is in place we’ll come in, make a plan together and start to unpack and organise your belongings.

Perhaps you made a valiant start but there is just so much to do and so little time. You’re unsure where things should actually go, boxes seem to be multiplying and you’re feeling a bit demoralised.

Bringing in an organiser to help can really make a difference; we’re used to doing the mental and visual Tetris needed to plan a space in its entirety, and know what’s likely to work well. Setting up some key organisational systems from the beginning can make a real difference later on. It’s far easier to maintain a good system that works than to try and fix a flawed one, so it’s good to take this step back and assess where things work best.