When I’m shopping for goods or services, I always look at the reviews section. It’s a great way to gain knowledge about what it’s like to work with someone and what can be achieved when you hire them. They show you why the service is worth your hard-earned time and money, and what to expect from a client’s point of view.

These testimonials are from real life clients; all that was asked was could they please write a testimonial about my services. Hopefully this will give you a good idea about the benefits of decluttering and organising with us, and encourage you to get in touch.


E, in London
I have a very busy life and I felt like every time I tidied, it took no time at all for my space to become disorganised! I was slightly worried that Leahna would want me to get rid of things I wanted to keep but this wasn’t the case at all. She asked loads of questions and helped me to organise my kitchen in a way that suited me and my lifestyle. I found our session even more helpful than I expected. The best outcome has been the time I now save as I know where everything is kept and it’s more accessible so I can find it easily! Also, the space is less cluttered which instantly makes me feel relaxed when I go into the room! Highly recommended!

D, in Hull
“I felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff … I would just wear the same few things over and over … I was rather ashamed of the glut of stuff I’d collected and the lack of any sort of order in the chaos. I didn’t want to bother, I thought it would take too long and I didn’t have time. Leahna asked what I wanted to achieve from the process … it was enlightening seeing clothes appear, and I enjoyed putting a lot aside for the charity shop. There was a real sense of achievement! I learnt how to organise clothing better. I feel happy about the clothes I’ve got now. It’s stuff I really like and want to keep. I’d definitely invite her back to look at other areas in my house, and I’ve told friends about the great service.”

N, in Hull
” It can be difficult to think about letting someone else sort through your personal belongings, however Leahna showed great care and professionalism. She concentrated on my priorities and … as we went along she asked my opinions and gently persuaded and encouraged me when it was needed. I now look round and am not stressed by the sight of clutter, instead it feels peaceful and relaxing, I can now admire the pretty displays of my things and most importantly use my space! Thank you so much for your help.”