APDO Donate a Day Part 1 – 4th November 2019

Every year APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) host National Organising Week, where organisers share tips and spend time helping the community. This time for Donate a Day APDO President Katherine Blackler, Karen Eyre-White and I volunteered with Emmaus London in their Lambeth stock room.

I was blown away by the size of the place. It accepts items for all Five(!) local shops so there’s a lot going on. These shops are a great local resource, providing an easy way to reduce waste, re-use and recycle unsellable items.

Due to the popularity of decluttering this year, charities have seen a marked increase in donations. This is good, but it’s hard to manage with limited resources and manpower. So, we focused on making the bric-a-brac room easier to work in and more organised (we’ll return to tackle fabrics!).

We met the section manager, and discovered a need for a dedicated, permanently clear space to sort items so new stock can be moved up to the shops quickly. It was important to create systems that are easy to follow and maintain by everyone who uses the space, which meant creating clear categories, putting like with like and labeling everything. We couldn’t declutter items unless they were broken or unsaleable, so instead we had to get organised! Together we processed leftover donations from the weekend, cleared the floor and tabletop, organised shelves, sorted office stationery and put more items out for sale. 

Partly due to the influx of donations, the stock area was becoming unmanageable.

The categories were becoming confused and it was hard access the back of the bric-a-brac stock room.

We were very happy with what we achieved in the time, and now the stock room is a tidier, more functional space.

We really enjoyed the day, and although it was hard work it seemed to fly by! I’m looking forward to going back.

Thank you to Emmaus London for allowing us to come in to their space, listening to our ideas and generally being helpful and friendly!

Please see the contact info below to find out more about Emmaus and our Donate a Day team, and click the links at the bottom of the page to access my social pages.

Emmaus Lambeth
Instagram – @emmauslondon
Twitter – @EmmausLambeth

Katherine Blackler (Sort My Space)
Instagram and Twitter – @sortmyspaceuk

Karen Eyre-White (Go:Do Productivity)
Instagram – @go.do_productivity
Twitter – @GoDo_Productive

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